Une journée à Paris

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This is not a post about the beauty and awesomeness of Paris, I will leave that to you to experience it first hand. This is all about how I planned my solo Une journée à Paris (A Day in Paris) – Poor me, I had to travel to Europe without a company :(.

Short Intro:

I was staying in Nijmegen, Netherlands at the end of winter 2018. I had plans to explore some great places in Europe and obviously, Paris was my first choice. But, but, traveling across countries to pay a first-time visit to a foreign land “alone” is not an easy deal. Here is where a good and a clear plan helps to overcome this and we don’t have to worry much about where to go, how to go and when to go.

Must note for the readers: I am not that big of a traveller and this is my first such experience.



I made sure to carry only necessary stuff for the travel – yes, less baggage more comfort.


  • A must-have winter jacket (if an Indian wants to survive the freezing cold)
  • A smart-phone with good internet and a power bank (it’s almost impossible to travel without these)
  • Offline Paris map saved into your phone
  • Enough cash
  • Sufficient clothes
  • And finally my Passport (I planned for a peaceful trip 😉 )

Few more must-to-dos:

  • Packed my stuff well as Paris is also well known for muggers.
  • And I let my friends and my parents know about the travel itinerary along with return dates. Now they knew where to start looking for me if I went missing!


Car covered with snow in paris

Prebooking travel & stay

There are lots of good options if we book the travel and stay well ahead. But my lazy bones did it just before 2 days. I got some good travel and stay ideas from two of my great colleagues in Nijmegen – A big thanks to them for being a part in making my dream come true.

Goeuro has all great options for travel across Europe and I used flixbus to book my bus between Netherlands and France (via Belgium). Booking.com has good stay options. I was open to travel by bus and stay in a hostel as it is way cheaper as well as I get to meet and stay with strangers – one of the best experiences that a traveler gets!

Travel suggestions for the smart pre-planners:

  •  You get many 2 digit flight price options if you book well ahead
  • To travel in groups and to not worry about all that I have mentioned above – pm2am is the perfect place. They organize lot of trips across Europe at a decent price.

Disclaimer: This in no way to promote any of the websites mentioned above and I am not linked to them in any way – I wish I were :p

Choosing places to visit…

Here comes the next toughest thing. I just had one day to spend in Paris but there are a lot of tourist attractions. I made up my mind to visit only a few places so that I get some quality time to spend on each of them.

After spending few hours online and discussing with some of my friends, I decided a list of places to visit and it comes down to you and your taste always. Talking about taste, I did have lunch at our very own Saravana Bhavan – sitting in negative and drinking a steaming hot Madras Filter coffee is a bliss even when you are not a coffee lover like me.

Bill from Saravanaa Bhavan restaurant in Paris
Everything except my bill was good 🙂

And here is my list,

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Trocadero Gardens
  • Louvre Museum
  • Sacre-Coeur
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral


Traveling within Paris…

After deciding on the list of places to visit, I did a manual shortest pathfinding to keep the travel time between the places to a minimum.

The train is the best option to travel within Paris – the infrastructure connects almost every places in Paris and we need to barely walk to any location from a train station. I also did a quick analysis using Paris Transportation Zone to understand the zones my list would cover and bought a day train pass to those zones alone.

From this point onwards, I just had to travel around, sticky to my plan and enjoy my solo day in Paris!

My google timeline at Paris
My google timeline at Paris


By the way, traveling in the train is also fun!


My Photo tour

I have shared few good photos which are legal to be posted.


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